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The Most Reliable Partner For Your Jewellery Brand

10+ years of experience in high-end jewellery production industry.
Jewellery production facilitation and Quality Control across Europe and Asia.



Expert In Fine Jewellery Production

Coradam assists jewellery brands and jewellers in bringing their designs to life with the highest level of quality and peace of mind. We advise and oversee the manufacturing process in order to reach the finest product quality. Coradam is the only one, among the few companies doing quality inspection in the jewellery industry, with a specialty in gem setting and is exclusively designed for jewellery quality control of every single pieces. We have been working with renowned international brands in Place Vendôme in Paris and on Bond Street in London. 

Coradam also cares about giving back to the society. We are dedicated to "Coradam Green" project that aims at developing bio-degradable plastic bags used during jewellery production. 

Knowing that our authentic experiences and profound knowledge are valuable in the high-end jewellery world, Coradam provides online training courses and one-to-one consultation to brand designers, quality managers, jewellers, or any individuals who want to have a thorough gaze at this gleaming industry.





Quality Control and Production Facilitation

Coradam oversees the production process and conducts quality control on every piece of your jewellery. Expert in gem setting, Coradam provides an exclusive service that helps you manufac-ture high-end, fine jewellery and one-of-a-kind masterwork.

Coradam uses a product management tool that adopts blockchain technology as part of our service. It allows your brand to track the production footprint and provide product transparency and traceability, and eventually increases your supply chain efficiency.

Bio-degradeable Zip Bag Solution

Being at the center of the industry, we know how the jewellery production could be harmful for the environment during the process. To solve this problem, Coradam partnered with the leader of Bio-plastic research and patent holder of various Bio solutions in Thailand. We developed a biodegradable zip bag solution, specifically for the jewellery and watch supply chains. 

Whether you are a brand, a factory or a supplier, join us to reduce the carbon footprint of the jewellery supply chain today!


Professional and Dedicated to Quality

Christophe Nocher Coradam CEO rising entrepreneur of the jewellery industry




    10+ years of experience working with high-end jewellery brands and manufacturers.

  • Specialised in handmade jewellery. Certified Gemologist.

  • Always strive for performance and quality.

  • Aims to make the quality of every piece of jewellery on the market worth its value.


"Christophe knows how to amaze by his determination and professionalism that are nurtured by his passion for jewellery. He knows very well the mechanisms of the jewellery world in Europe as well as in Asia and knows how to link these two continents and deal with the production problems they could face."


"Christophe is a great communicating individual and I enjoyed his skills, professionalism and personality when he worked on our projects. Christophe always wants to perfectly push the boundaries for a finished product that will be innovative and more importantly, that can be appealing to everyone."


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