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Coradam is a service company created specifically for jewellery brands and jewellers in the high-end jewellery industry. 


Coradam assists our clients in bringing their designs to life and ensure the finished products are of the highest level of quality. We are the only one, among the few companies doing quality inspection in the jewellery industry, with a specialty in gem setting and are exclusively designed for jewellery quality control. We advise and oversee the manufacturing process of every single pieces so the end consumers receive the value of what they pay for. During production process, we help ease the communication between brands and suppliers and tighten the bonds of all parties. 

Over the years, Coradam has learned that a great service is providing authentic experience, smart process and fairness. Thus, we have recently adopted a product management tool that uses blockchain technology. The tool allows us and our clients to keep track of the the jewellery inventory, and provide product transparency and traceability. This makes Coradam a better partner for our clients and enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

Coradam also cares about giving back to the society. We are dedicated to "Coradam Green" project that aims at developing bio-degradable plastic bags used during jewellery production. We believe that high-end luxury can also be eco-friendly. ​

Knowing that our authentic experiences and profound knowledge are valuable in the high-end jewellery world, Coradam decides to provide online training courses and one-to-one consultation. The courses are cultivated for jewellery professionals, jewellers, brand designers, quality managers, or any individuals who want to have a thorough gaze at this gleaming industry.


Founded in 2013 in Hong Kong, Coradam has soon earned for itself one of the most trusted names in the fine jewellery industry. The company has quickly expanded and continuously to increase its company scale. In 2015, Coradam opened its first office in Bangkok. It has since recruited a team of experienced quality controllers across 2 continents in 5 countries - Thailand, India, Spain, France and Italy. 

In just 7 years, Coradam has controlled and helped some of the most renowned jewellery brands to produce over half a million pieces of high quality jewellery on the market.

Over the last few years, Coradam started to engage in various projects knowing that this ancient industry is undergoing modernisation. In 2019, Coradam was the first in the jewellery industry to adopt a product management tool that uses blockchain technology, which had significantly increased the clients' jewellery supply chain efficiency. Coradam has further launched a project to develop bio-degradable plastic bags that are being used during jewellery production, the "Coradam Green" project.


Coradam's mission is to work with jewellery brands and manufacturers and bring the finest jewellery on the market for the customers. 

Coradam's vision is to stay at the forefront of the high-end jewellery industry and increase the profitability of all by focusing on quality. 

Coradam's value proposition is to deliver high quality to customers through product transparency and fairness, by providing authentic and honest services for our clients.


Coradam's clients are the classic as well as new jewellery houses located in some of the most prestigious jewellery hubs, Place Vendôme in Paris and Bond Street in London. We also offer services to E-Commerce jewellery brands manufacturing in Europe and Asia.


We cater our services to the needs of each client, and ensure the objectives are reached and quality is delivered.


Coradam works in close cooperation with IOnaute, a software solution company that develops operating systems to manage jewellery inventory. IOnaute incorporates blockchain technology into its systems and allows the users to keep the productions on track easily. Coradam's tool is empowered by IOnaute, which enables us to provide a better service for our clients by increasing the efficiency of the jewellery supply chains.


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