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BioPlastics Solution For Jewellery Industry

"Coradam Green is the fruit of our observations within the jewellery supply chain across the globe and the environmental realities surrounding us. 

With a deep attachment to Thailand, we couldn't help but notice that plastic treatment is a big issue for many countries. We realized that South-East Asian countries were plagued by not only their own littering but also by the plastic garbage surplus from European countries, ending their cycle in unregulated landfills or simply into the wild. 

As I grew up partly in the French countryside, I couldn't tolerate observing this ecological and sanitary disaster while standing still waiting for someone to do something about it. Therefore, I decided to take action, as small as it can be, to become part of a solution and, if not, at least help reduce our impact on the planet.

This is how Coradam came to partner with the Thai leader of bio-plastic research and patent holder of various bio solutions. We worked together to develop and produce a more eco-friendly zip bag solution for the jewellery and watch supply-chains. Our biodegradable bags follow the industry standards and requirements and they are also recyclable.  

Whether you represent a brand, a factory or a supplier and want to help to reduce the carbon footprint of the jewellery supply chain, I invite you to learn more about our products clicking right here."

Join us and start changing the jewellery industry together.

Christophe Nocher - CEO of Coradam 


Coradam Green's bioplastics are biodegradable. They break down into elements found in nature through a natural process within a short period of time. They are also recyclable and are downgraded to lower quality plastics for other use, such as for furnitures, utensils and toys.


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Thanks for joining Coradam in changing the world!

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