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Match your partner - 11 Engagement Ring Styles

Disclaimer: This article is not a sponsored. The examples futured in the article below are purely illustrative for the tastes and aesthetics we are describing. Some pieces might be render images, unavailable, have limited stock, be completely out of budget or they might just not match your partner all that well. Overall this article is just a collection of tips that might help, and we hope they do. Good luck!

The scenario is this:

You’ve met your person and decided you want to take the next step… Now what? You plan how you’re going to pop the question. In your mind you can already picture everything: place and time of day, afterwards celebration, their reaction and even what you’ll wear…

But what about the ring?

It has to be to their taste, but there’s so much to consider… They like a specific stone, but will they like the overall look of the ring? There are so many options, how will you possibly choose?

It can be quite the task, and finding something that doesn’t conform to traditional standards is not easy. From similar search results to endless web deep-dives, getting stuck is almost inevitable.

That’s when you turn to lists and articles, but most of them talk about jewellery technicalities, and we all know that technical aspects can leave you running around in circles. Another aspect is that most of these are sponsored, and although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it can be a bit biased and lack variety.

In our case, we just love jewellery and we want to help you get the perfect piece. So here’s what we did: we’ve gathered information on current styles, fashion, brands andtooptions in order to create a list based on your partner’s style.

Your partner deserves to feel special and you deserve a break, so for all our hes, shes and theys, here’s a list of suggestions for different people with different styles:

Disclaimer: All the rings presented in this list exclusively serve the purpose of illustrating each style and serving as an aesthetic reference. As previously mentioned, this is not a sponsored article and some pieces might be unavailable or have limited stock.

Cottage Romance

These individuals want all that cinematic countryside romance, even if they live in the city. Flowers and nature are their go-to, they’re sweet, almost too good for this world and sunlight shines upon them like no one else. Our take on these beautiful souls is simple and sweet: go for something that seems taken out of a romantic novel, “pretty” should be your main word on this search and don’t forget the little elements that make them smile, whether that’s a stone colour or a small engraving. Aim for details that have meaning and elements that will only be noticeable to them.

Melanie Casey - Snowdrift Ring with Open Prongs, 1ct. Princess Cut Yellow Diamond

Honey Jewellery Co - 1.03ct Double Halo Diamond Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels - Fleurette ring, 1 row, large model

Ethereal Fantasy

Let’s face it, your partner was written by a fantasy author, somehow freed themselves from their paper shackles and made their way into this world… that’s pretty amazing, to be fair. Now, what to get them? Surely it has to be something that captures their airy essence. It doesn’t really matter if you like LOTR or not because if elves were real, your partner would be one of them. Your search should focus on something.. magical. Sparkly, but not mainstream, with intertwined lines, nature-inspired traits, and fundamentally delicate.

Capucinne Blue - Cleo Hexagon Moss Agate Ring with Moissanites

Piaget - Piaget Rose Ring

Gabriel & Co. - Bellamy Unique 14K White Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Hype & Style

The meaning surrounding engagement rings has changed through the course of time in order to meet social standards. Although it started off as being a symbol of “possession” over someone, nowadays it’s almost like the ultimate gift before entering married life. If that’s the case, why not give them exactly what they want? If your partner likes big brands, stand-out pieces, and bling jewellery that much, having that as an engagement ring is truly the ultimate gift. Our advice here is really emphasising their favourites. More often than not they mention their preferred brand in conversation so keep an ear out for that. Also important to note is how flashy they want it and how visible they want the label to be. Don’t be afraid to pick something that is blatantly branded if that’s what you know they’d like. All that will be left to do is choose.

GUCCI - Interlocking G ring with tourmaline


Bulgari - B.ZERO1 RING

Minimal Delicacy

Need we say more? #minimalism - the best thing you can give them is something that always effortlessly matches whatever they choose to wear. It needs to be comfortable and not mess with their clean aesthetic/way of life. Maintaining the balance your partner craves is more important than fitting any sort of “social standard”. Go with simple, austere lines and minimal (if any) detail.

Valerie Madison - 0.20ct Rey Rose Cut Diamond Ring

KatKim - Mini Trillion Peak Ring

Blue Nile - Mini Baguette-Cut Diamond Fashion Ring

Edgy Route

It’s safe to say that we’re officially over the whole “mandatory” cliché wedding and it’s all about personal identity: Want to go for white, lacy and sparkly? Timeless and elegant. Do you want gothic-inspired, dark and/or irreverent detailing? Absolutely stunning.

Identity comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, and being truthful to one’s self is essential, even more so on such a special occasion. So here are a few examples of rings that can match your partner’s beautiful obsidian soul.

Anna Sheffield - Marquise Bea Ring


The Great Frog - Pans Bride Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Royalty

This group of people appreciate the impact of a classic and tend to display accordingly. They always carry themselves with poise, never seem to have a hair out of place and exude confidence. They have places to be and time is money, so don’t waste it. When it comes to a ring, classic and exquisite is a safe bet. But beware, classic does not equal simple. Make sure you match their energy: if they’re discreet, tone it down on the amount of detailing; If they’re the type to show up and show out, shoot for the stars.

Tiffany - Tiffany True® Engagement Ring with a Tiffany True® Diamond and a Platinum Diamond Band

Cartier - Vendôme Louis Cartier Solitaire White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, diamond

The Diamond Story- 18CT White Gold 0.66 Carat Diamond Cushion Shaped Halo with Diamond Set Shoulders

Cuteness Overload

We’re talking pastels, we’re talking adorable, we’re talking fluffy and yes, we’re talking about your partner’s tastes. Generally referred to as the softcore aesthetic, this style is easy to spot and a delight to buy for. Go for sweet, animated and colourful pieces, with stereotypically cute imagery like hearts and sparkly notes. Adjust your search to how exuberant your partner is, apply it to the size of the ring, finalize detailing and voilá!

Harry Winston - The Winston Pink Legacy

HYT Jewelry - 18kt Gold Argyle Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

GRAFF - Promise Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Cosmic Vision

Stars, Moon, Sun and Mother Nature: Your partner doesn’t shy away from the occult and appreciates the magnetism of the dark arts. They either dwell in the mysticism of the supernatural or purely just appreciate the natural energies that flow from all that surrounds us. If this is the category for you, then we’re talking preferred stones or crystals, organic elements, delicate detailing, symbology, all of it. Again, always consider if they’re the discreet or extravagant type in order to get them a ring that’ll leave them bewitched.

Sofia Zakia - Diamond Wandering Star Ring

Percossi Papi - DG 4499

Anthony Lent - Crescent Moon Reflection Ring

Vintage Allure

Old soul and timeless aesthetic, one can describe this group as the trouvaille of humans. They appreciate the intricacy of old-school without neglecting the shifts and turns of our era, like a beautiful collectible that never goes out of style and instead just keeps getting better with time. It’s important to note that this group tends to go for elaborate but not contemporary, and their taste for antiques doesn’t necessarily mean they want something old or second-hand (but more often than not they do). Be mindful of how big they would like the ring to be and what detailing they prefer: what Era they prefer, gem colour, different tones, center gem size and type, mix of several metals and so forth. Might seem like a lot, but trust us, you’ll know when you see the right one.

Buccelatti - “BOBOLI” RING


HANCOCKS - 5.37ct Burmese Spinel Ring With Diamond Halo Surround

Sea Dreams

It’s a well known fact that the Sea has a very unique magnetism, so much so that beach weddings have progressively gained popularity over the years and water inspired jewellery has become more and more common. Aquatic elements can adorn a piece like nothing else, from shells and scale texture, transparencies and wavy cuts, or even something as simple as blue-coloured gems. All of these can be incorporated in a piece and grant it a mesmeric impression.



Autore - Diamond Classic Ring

Living For The Reference

Themed weddings are gaining popularity by the second, and if you and your partner have already envisioned all the cinematic details for the ceremony, you might as well add the ring. Be it a movie, music, literature or anything in between, one thing you need to look out for is not having it look like merchandise. It’s a very special occasion and we’re looking for uniqueness to go with the concept, so out of our list this might be the one that requires the most “detective work”, because our suggestion would be getting it custom made.

CustomMade - Pokemon Inspired

Cicmil Crowns Jewelry - PS5 – PlayStation 5 Engagement Ring

Geek dot Jewelry - R2 Impression Ring

At the end of the day, everybody’s different and although this article is meant to aid you on your quest, our powers are limited. However, there will always be signs you should look for in your partner to help you make a decision. Better yet, these are points you don’t actually have to ask, so that does help in not giving away your plans of matrimony. Some good examples are:

What metal they prefer - Keep an ear and eye out for what coloured jewellery they go for. Some people are very specific with what colour they prefer, and almost exclusively wear one coloured metal.

Have their size written down - This one is important. The less you have to alter the ring after you give it, the better. If it’s a perfect fit, it adds so much momentum. A good tip is having one of their favourite rings measured and taking note of that. Just make sure they usually wear it on the right finger.

When in doubt, ask their friends - There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, or at least for a second opinion.

On that note, some advice we’d like to give is to keep the circle tight: the fewer people that know, the smaller the chance of letting something slip. Also, you don’t want everybody’s opinion, you only want the opinion of those they are closest to.

It’s also important to note that these are just examples and suggestions that might suit your partner. Be it budget, colour, material or any other, the best option is always communicating with those who can help you decide, and that includes jewellers. They might not know your partner, but they’ll most likely be able to point you in the right direction in order to create something special.

Observe. Trust your gut. Happy shopping and good luck!

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